Day tour to Tskhaltubo, Prometheus cave, Geguti castle

Code Kut009
Destination Tskhaltubo, Prometeus Cave, Geguti
Category One Day Tours from Kutaisi
Duration 4
Guide Language Russian Federation United Kingdom

If you have a few free hours and want to spend time with lovely company and also explore amazing places of Georgia then you should visit Tskhaltubo and Prometheus cave.


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After Meeting at our office or your hotels, we will visit the cave of Prometheus, which is the second largest in Europe. The cave is famous for its huge halls, underground lakes, and rivers where you can sail on boats and admire the magnificent views of the cave. The cave is named Prometheus, because not so far from it is Mount Khvamli, to which, according to legend, the titan of Prometheus was chained (in the Georgian versions -  Amiran). And the whole cave is stylized to this myth.

After that, you will have the opportunity to take a walk around the resort of Tskhaltubo, which was known throughout the Soviet Union for its warm, radon springs, which Stalin loved very much. If you're lucky, we'll be able to visit Stalin's bathhouse, and if there is a desire to take a bath (for an additional fee)

After we will go to the royal castle of Geguti.

Geguti - Royal Castle - a medieval city and is a historical monument. It is located in western Georgia, 7 km south of Kutaisi. The palace complex occupies more than 2000 square meters. Geguti was first mentioned in historical sources of the 12th century. It should be noted that the fortress and the halls were built in several stages. The first stage covers the period from the 8th to the 9th centuries.

 Entrance tickets: Prometheus cave - 20 GEL. 

Tskhaltubo, Prometheus cave, Geguti castle
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