Tour to Canyons and caves

Code KUT003
Destination Okatse & Martvili canyon Prometheus cave
Category One Day Tours from Kutaisi
Duration 10 h.
Guide Language Russian Federation United Kingdom

Two canyons, two caves, and lots of impressions. We provide a day-guaranteed departure group tour from Kutaisi to Canyons and Caves. On tour we walk on high hang bridges of Okatse Canyon, and take a boat ride through Martvili Canyon. If you love nature and aren't afraid of walking this tour is for you.




Depart date

After Meeting at our office or at your hotels.  The First stop is Prometheus Cave which is 1,8 km long and located 40 meters below sea level. In the cave, there is a hall of love where people even get married. Here you can enjoy underground boating. It’s cool. Isn't it?! :) Meanwhile, it’s time for lunch. Our lunch break is at the local restaurant Our Garden where is made the most delicious Georgian food in the neighborhood. After delicious lunch, we are heading to Martvili Canyon. Here we take a boat tour through the canyon and explore the depth of it along waterfalls. The final attraction on tour is Okatse Canyon. This is the deepest canyon in Georgia with hanging bridges and skywalks. There are 2 ways to achieve a bridge: trekking on a 3 km route and taking an off-roading taxi. Off-roading is a pretty impressive experience. Finally, when we are exhausted and full of emotions we go back to Kutaisi.


In case of heavy rain or other weather situations, The travel agency reserves the right to change the tour direction, To replace Okatse Canyon with another nature monument, Sataflia protected area, or Tetra Cave.

Price doesn't cover:

1. Entrance tickets

2. Off-roading to Okatse Canyon - 100 GEL per vehicle (6 pax) (On Okatse canyons there are 2 routes) ​

6 km walking route that needs 3 hours

4.5 km off-roading plus 1.5 km walking route - faster and easier option.


Entrance tickets:

We don't receive payments for entrances. Guests buy tickets at the entrance of destinations.

Prometheus cave - 23 GEL (+boat fee - 17,25 GEL)​

Martvili Canyon - 17.25 GEL (+boat fee - 15 GEL)

Okatse canyon - 17.25 GEL

Canyons and caves
Canyons and caves
Okatse Canyon
10 €
Prometheus Cave Tour
10 €
Sataplia Cave
10 €

The vehicles are offered in the proper technical condition, the deposit is not required. Cars will be equipped with the gps navigation system, the children's chair and the additional luggage according to your request. The price includes an ideal insurance package. During your trip you can enjoy our 24 hour service. We wish you a peaceful and comfortable trip with "carrentingeorgia”



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